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Further Press Release

25th February 2022

Further to the article headed ‘Concerns about 'misleading' statements in Stanwix Parish Council campaign’ – News & Star 19 Feb 2022.

The final paragraph quotes Mr Brian Wernham:

"I note that Stanwix Rural Parish Council had a meeting on Wednesday January 12 but that only one member of the public was aware of the meeting and turned up. The minutes say they were only allowed to observe and not allowed to question, how is this representing the people?"

This statement serves only to misinform the reader.

All meetings of Stanwix Rural Parish Council are publicised in full accordance with statutory requirements, on its notice boards and also on its website, and attendance by the public is of course voluntary.

All agendas and minutes of Stanwix Rural Parish Council make it abundantly clear that a period is allowed at the start of each meeting to enable public participation. The decision to speak, or to simply observe, is entirely theirs.