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Boulders, Houghton Village Green

4th January 2023

The Parish Council has become aware of reports of inflated estimates in respect of the cost of boulders recently placed on Houghton Village Green. In the interests of clarity, and for the avoidance of doubt, due to its ability to re-claim VAT the actual net cost to the Council was £493.60 – inclusive of delivery and placement.

The boulders were placed following complaints that vehicles were damaging the Green by straying from the hard surface that crosses it and thus depositing quantities of mud on the footpath making it slippery and difficult to use, especially by those of impaired mobility or vision.

It appears, however, that a little too much leeway remains available to drivers and therefore, in order to achieve the required effect, several of the boulders may be moved closer to the edge of the hard surface.

The Parish Council is fully aware that the boulders may at first appear rather stark, and perhaps intrusive. They are, however, to be incorporated by Houghton Wildlife Group into its project to provide more diverse pockets of habitat in the area.

Therefore, aside from the natural process of weathering, the boulder’s appearance will be greatly softened by the planting of native flower species to benefit pollinating insects, while the boulders themselves will also provide basking points for the bees, hoverflies, butterflies and many other species of insects attracted by the planting. Cracks and crevices in and beneath stones will also provide shelter for beetles, spiders and other small invertebrates.

The Parish Council asks anyone harbouring misgivings in respect of the project to please allow time for it to be completed, and for the wildlife friendly planting to mature at nature’s pace.

Should you have any query or comment in respect of the above, please email the Parish Clerk directly at